Despite the tariffs, China acknowledges the quality of Australian wine


15 March 2022

While China’s crippling tariffs are still hampering exports of Australian wines into China, at the 2022 China Wine & Spirits Awards (CWSA), Australian wine has been acknowledged for its superior quality.

RedHeads Wines in the Barossa Valley received six gold medals, six double golds and two regional Wine of the Year trophies including Barossa Valley Wine of the Year and South Australia Wine of the Year at the 2022 China Wine & Spirit Awards.

The CWSA is the biggest & most prestigious wine & spirits competition in Hong Kong with 2022 marking the 23rd annual competition. The show is judged by the leading wine and spirits buyers in Greater China including; importers, distributors, retailers and sommeliers, who taste wines blind from over 55 countries.

RedHeads is a Barossa Valley winery with a focus on sustainability. The team work with over 20 different grape varieties to make wines with distinct personalities – no two wines are the same!

RedHeads Wine was awarded a Double Gold and CWSA South Australia Wine of the Year for its 2020 Coco Rôtie Shiraz Viognier and a Double Gold and CWSA Barossa Valley Wine of the Year for its 2019 Dogs of the Barossa Shiraz. The 2019 Dogs of the Barossa Shiraz has also just picked up Great Gold at the recent 2022 Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition in Spain.

These are ironic wins for RedHeads as the story behind Dogs of the Barossa is of a young dog (RedHeads) trying to make it in an old dog’s world – an area with some of the oldest vineyards in the world.

Alex Trescowthick, Winemaker is extremely pleased with these results.

“While China is not a market for us right now for obvious reasons, the CWSA are still globally recognised and the results we achieve here have merit around the world. The results also give us a strong case for the buyers as soon as tariffs are reduced and China opens up to us again.” Alex said.

It is important to note that Hong Kong remains a tax-free port for wine for all countries including Australia.


For further information on the China Wine & Spirits Awards, please visit or click here.

Full 2022 results can be found here 

Full list of awards for RedHeads at the 2022 CWSA

  • Coco Rôtie 2020 – Double Gold and CWSA South Australia Wine of the Year
  • Dogs of the Barossa 2019 – Double Gold and CWSA Barossa Valley Wine of the Year
  • Blue Belle Chardonnay 2021 – Double Gold
  • Catbird Seat 2020 – Double Gold
  • Moonlighters White 2021 – Double Gold
  • Esulé 2020 – Double Gold
  • Princess of Thieves 2020 – Double Gold
  • The Red Sedan 2020 – Double Gold
  • Dan’Jango 2020 – Gold
  • Esulé 2019 – Gold
  • March of Progress 2020 – Gold
  • Moonlighters Red 2020 – Gold
  • Whip-Hand 2019 – Gold
  • Wilson Gunn Bellum 2020 – Gold




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