New wine label to give boost to Parkinson’s Research

1 JULY 2020

On July 1, when Silver Lining Wines is first released to the public, it will be the start of an important new chapter and the accomplishment of a major personal goal for Marty Edwards. It also has the opportunity to impact on the lives of many others through a commitment to donate proceeds to Parkinson’s Research. 

Marty Edwards was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2012 when his daughter was just three months old. In addition to being a new dad, Marty was a second-generation vigneron in the picturesque Adelaide Hills and previously, an elite Clearance Diver in the Navy. The news of a disorder that affected movement was unthinkable.

It was on reflection of his past experience that it became clear what he needed to do. Discipline, attention to detail and passion are traits he had learnt throughout his career and together, drove the idea and creation of Silver Lining Wines.

“Each pursuit shares the same core philosophy: a commitment to being proactive and maintaining a focus on your goal, irrespective of any obstacles that present themselves”. Marty articulates.

“By focusing on what I know best and what I need to retain my health, creating a brand from pristine fruit sourced from elite parcels in the Adelaide Hills and donating proceeds to Parkinson’s Research is not only achieving a personal goal, it’s helping others who are on this journey”.

The new-to-market brand will consist of three varietals all from the 2020 vintage; a Sauvignon Blanc sourced from Hahndorf, Chardonnay from a south-facing single vineyard in Macclesfield and a Shiraz from north-facing sites from Echunga and Macclesfield.

The whites will be released on the 1st July and the Shiraz in 2021, allowing it the time in barrel in needs to bring out the best in the fruit. The 2020 Silver Lining Sauvignon Blanc is a classic Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc with bright grapefruit and lantana aromas. On the palate, zesty lemon and lime combine with hints of tropical notes; a mouth-watering and refreshing wine to be enjoying as an aperitif or alongside fresh seafood.

The 2020 Silver Lining Chardonnay shows lifted aromatics of florals, citrus and white peach which extend onto the palate. This wine has enjoyed some time in new and seasoned French oak and displays a linear and crisp balance with complex lemon sorbet flavours balanced by subtle toasted notes and loads of minerality. While likely enjoyed within hours of its purchase and suiting a roast chicken dish or pan-fried whiting, it can also go the distance in the cellar and develop lovely aged characters until 2028.

“The diversity of the Adelaide Hills and the key varieties that are defined by altitude, latitude and ancient soils are what I have grown up with and learnt to understand inside and out. These wines reflect the unique set of environmental influences experienced each season – a sense of place. As a grower, Chardonnay is a favourite, I love its dexterity, ability to reflect its site like no other… and it’s just delicious to drink!” says Marty.

2020 Silver Lining Sauvignon Blanc is available from the 1st July 2020 and has a RRP of $25 / bottle.

2020 Silver Lining Chardonnay is available from the 1st July 2020 and has a RRP of $30 / bottle.

2020 Silver Lining Shiraz will be released in 2021 with a RRP of $35 / bottle.

Silver Lining Wines are available via the website at launching on 29 June.

About Parkinson’s Research

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that is primarily characterised by problems with movement. The disease affects a brain region called the substantia nigra and part of this brain region, called nigrosome-1, can be seen on an MRI scan.

Detecting an abnormal nigrosome-1 requires intensive training and practice and researchers and clinicians from the Flinders Medical Centre and University of South Australia are working together to develop a new quantitative and simple-to-use MRI procedure for assessing the appearance of nigrosome-1.

The new MRI method will make it easier for clinicians and radiologists to introduce and use nigrosome-1 MRI in routine clinical practice to aid more accurate and earlier diagnoses of Parkinson’s disease.




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